Our patented wall system offers the space and the framework of a unique wall structure. With these revolutionary modular panels, users can fence around their exhibition space and give a more sophisticated appearance to their stand.

Our wall system can be assembled in any shape, form, length and height. Decorations, personalized graphics and signs can be genuinely integrated into the structure. One of its greatness is that the panels can be assembled quickly and without any expertise.

Create Your Own World

With these modular panels, you can create your own world the way you always dreamed of. It can be used in a museum or at a trade show; the only thing you need is a flat ground surface to start assembling the wall panels. The layout and the decoration can be planned and designed in advance. At the end of the show the panels can be taken apart and be reused again over and over.

Our “A’ la Carton” wall-system can supplemented with additional shelves and lighting and can also be expanded to add a closed storage space. Imagine all of these from cardboard.

All in all, our “A’ la Carton” project unites time and space for those who wish to stand above the average.


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